TwitterTwitter is another social networking site for friends to connect and stay updated in part of an online community. Twitter is a social networking site for friends, family, and business associates to stay connected and communicate by exchanging quick and frequent answers, or Tweets, to a very simple question, “What are you doing?”

The basis behind Twitter’s social networking site is that it allows family and friends to connect and update each other. Twitter believes that updates, even basic updates, especially when the updates are timely, are very important to family and friends and even the social networking community on Twitter.

Members of the Twitter social network site create profiles, but then keep the members of their social community updated using Tweets, that tell everyone what you are doing right now, which allows you to be more connected to your community and keep them updated on your every waking movement because they all care so much. Twitter also allows you to share updates about recent media events, and also lets you share your own media – photos, videos, etc. with family and friends that make up your social network on the Twitter site.

Twitter allows the community to stay ultra connected to your network of friends and family and keep them updated on what you are doing. Twitter has an added benefit of being able to go quiet so that your social networking and hyper connected-ness doesn’t become too overwhelming. Your network and Twitter community of friends and family can also ignore you and your constant updates, profile changes, and media uploads, much like they ignore you in real life.