Forums are another type of social sites that allow members to share their opinion, learn new info, join in a discussion, chat with other members, and post to a thread or topic. Forums are social sites that are more about the sharing of ideas and opinion then updating your friends on what you are doing now. While there are strictly social forum sites, many are communities that have joined together to learn and where members join in chat and discussion about a specific topic.

These chats and discussions are saved in threads, which are replies or posts to a specific topic or discussion. Every member is allowed to share their opinion with the community. The saved threads or posts relating to a specific topic or discussion are saved so that later members or non- members can read the posts and threads and learn about the opinions shared by the members o that topic of discussion.

Social sites and online forums can be a great wealth of information. But with all community member led discussions and chats about a specific topic, you need to take the opinions shared by members with a grain of salt. Every member has their own opinion, and many forum members have very strong opinions about the top of the forum discussion. Still other members are still just learning about the topic of discussion in the thread, but will not hesitate sharing their opinion about it anyway.