FacebookFacebook is a social networking site for friends to stay connected in part of a fun online community. Facebook helps you share and connect with the friends in your life. Facebook is free to join and anyone can sign up to be part of the social networking online community. Joining Facebook will allow you stay connected and receive updates from your friends and online community.

Like many of the social networking sites, before you can network with friends and family on Facebook, you must first sign up and create a profile of your own. This will allow you to gain access to the entire network of friends on Facebook’s social networking site, and will also allow you to connect with and update your friends and family that are also on Facebook’s social community.

Many people have chose Facebook as their “˜my social site’ because it is geared towards a slightly older community than MySpace and a slightly less connected community than Twitter. Many people use Facebook to stay connected and updated on friends in their immediate social network and also friends they have made while on the social site. A lot of people even reconnect or find long-lost friends by searching through friends’ profiles on social networking sites like Facebook, which then allows them to connect with their old friends and update them on what has been going on in their life.

Facebook is also a great way to learn more about your friends both in your social network and in the Facebook site community. But be careful about what you post on social networking sites like Facebook, because employers and potential employers have learned about the wealth of information, and embarrassing party photos, that you may post on your Facebook profile for your friends and the social community to see. Be sure and update your permissions and settings.